I am trained and educated in visual arts, developing user experiences for mobile, web, & desktop products as an IC and later manager since 2008.

The bulk of my work experience has been built up and refined by working at startups (including my own) in the Bay area which has allowed me to "wear many hats" working hands on in very demanding environments. Working efficiently and effectively in teams is something I pride myself in, mastering using data to drive decision making while always maintaining the deepest empathy for users and team needs.

Aniden Interactive Ruby Seven Studios Kiwi Games Play First Games AlcaCruz Google Play App Store Big Viking Games Streamlabs Penguin Publishing House Egg Roll Digital Studios Razorbill Publishing Cookie Jar Entertainment Decode Entertainment Collideascope Digital Warner Brothers Teletoon

Given the chance, I would love to speak with you about my wide range of experience at Bay Area tech startups over the past 12 years and how I can bring the knowledge I've gained to your company as a Product Manager.

Thanks again for taking the time to review my work. I look forward to hearing about your project opportunities.

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