Dragon Fighters Dungeon Wars


Product Manager,UX Designer, Data/Systems Designer


Multiplayer Online Mobile Game

We took this game from first concept to launch in about 9 months. The programming was done in Unity, the 3D assets were done using 3DS Max and everything else we used the Adobe Creative Suite. There was a lot to design and produce since everything was customizable as well as upgradable. Player could build their own castles and level up their characters customizing their appearance as well as skills. There was a single player and multiplayer aspect where you could invade other people's castles or play through a story line.

Gameplay Walk Through Video
0:00 - Level/Dungeon Gameplay
3:00 - Character Customization
4:00 - Level Building

I directed/managed the entire product life-cycle: creating the game design systems, virtual economy, system balancing, asset management, game data, supervising 2D & 3D art production, engineering teams, CMS production, marketing, user acquisition and live operations.

Here is an animated mock up for how the UI would transition from one set of functions to another. This was to show the sequence of events for the animation timing on the buttons and panels.

The first screen is for the user to see the hero stats and to select which character(s) they would like to use in battle.

The second screen is for when the character is selected the user will be able to customize the wardrobe and functions for the character more specifically.